Australian Made dog training treats

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Dog Training treats are small, easy to consume dogs treats that can be used to quickly mark/reward wanted behaviours in your dog.

There are a few options for Australian Made dog training treats as well as many other treats and food that work well for training or that are easy to cut into smaller training sized treats.

Savour Life Training Treats & Strips

The first ingredient in all Savour Life Training Treats and Strips is meat.

Training Treats are available in several flavours depending on where you buy from but include Kangaroo, Chicken, Milky, Salmon or smaller puppy size.

The strips require cutting but are easy to cut in half longways and then into the size you want and come in Kangaroo, Chicken, Chicken Liver, Beef, Milky, Lamb & Duck.

  • Australian Made
  • Australian Meat
  • 50% of Profits are donated to support small rescue groups and foster carers across Australia who save tens of thousands of dogs and other animals across Australia each year.

Prime100 SPT Fillet Dog Treats 100g

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Brown red coloured dog food strips in black and yellow bag labelled 100% australian made chicken fillets.

Available in Turkey, Chicken, Duck, Lamb & Kangaroo

  • Australian Made
  • Australian Owned
  • All Australian Ingredients
  • Single Protein Treat (good for dogs with a protein allergy)
  • Good Price – usually under $8 and cheaper on sale

These come as a fillet need to be cut into training size.

They have a slight moist texture to them and I find them easy to cut down the middle then cross ways to create little training treats.

My dog loves them as they are very meaty however dog preferences will vary.

Spd Air by Prime100 Air Dried

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Cylindrical can white on bottom blue top half and lid with silhouette of German Shepard looking dog. Can labelled as Air Dried Australian lamb and as single protein diet

Technically a very high quality dog food not a treat, the SPT Prime 100 air dried are a very cost effective training treat compared to some other options.

These could be a good training treat for a smaller dog. My large dog loves them in a puzzle or food enrichment toy and I can use them for at home fun training but they probably wouldnt be enough to entice her to return to me in a busy environment!

  • Good training treat for a small dog
  • Can be used in food toys for many sized dogs
  • Australian Made
  • Australian Meat Ingredients

Black Hawk Jerky Straps & Sticks

Brown strips of dog treat viewed through clear window in black and red bag and labelled as made in australia (regional nsw).

You will need to cut both the straps and sticks into trainging treat size.

The Black Hawk Jerky straps are long and quite wide so they are perfect for cutting down the middle and then into small training size bites.

The sicks are a tube shape and so can be cut into smaller size tubes for training or food toys.

  • Made in Regional Australia
  • 100% Australian Meat

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