Bright and surrounds

Bright is overall a very dog friendly town. Dogs are allowed on lead in the town of Bright and are welcome at the Brewery and some other cafes.

There is also plenty of places for swimming access and bushwalks. Dogs are also allowed off lead at the oval in town and some streamside areas. There is also dog-friendly camping around and near Bright.


Bright Brewery

The Bright Brewery is one of the best places in town to take your dog. They have a large grassy beer garden with wooden tables you can attach your dogs lead to. They are so dog friendly they have their own dedicated Instagram account Doggos of Bright Brewery.

River Deck Kitchen

The Riverdeck Kitchen is a dog friendly breakfast and lunch cafe in Bright. Dogs are welcome on their large outdoor deck which has nice views down towards the park and river. They are also a great spot for takeaway coffee to go for a walk along the river (though takeaway was limited last time I visited, hopefully with less covid restrictions its back to normal)!

Things to do with dogs

Dog-friendly accommodation

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